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See what it is like at a Pickles live auction

Auction Videos

Attending a pickles auction can be an exciting adrenaline rush.  Frequently we sell over 120 vehicles per auction and you’ll always find our team ready to help.  Pickles has open viewing days 2 days before each auction where you can inspect every vehicle on your own time so you know exactly what you are buying.  We like to have a bit of fun at our events and we hope you do to.  Buying at one of our auctions is a great way to find deals.

Grand Opening of our Petaling Jaya Branch

New 300,000 sq ft auction and storage facility on 17th January 2019 in conjunction with our Salvage Auction. It was a wonderful celebration with lion acrobatic performance, good food, music and live auction. 

Running and Driving Car Auctions

Used cars, repossessed cars, fleet cars, company cars, and private seller cars all in one auction.  Every car runs and drives with 1000 point inspection made available to you.

Salvage Auctions
We work for the largest insurance companies in Malaysia to auction their total loss vehicles.  These cars are intended for professional repairers, parts recyclers, and scrap metal dealers.
Seasonal Celebrations

Like every Malaysian we love our holidays.  And what better way to celebrate than finding good deals!  Come celebrate with us as we enjoy Malaysian culture together.  We offer seasonal food, drinks, and promotions.

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