Used Industrialised Building System

Modular Home Panel Production Line

Used Industrialised Building System (IBS) for Sale by Tender!

Disposal of used industrialised building system (IBS) modular home panel production line, consisting of thirty-four (34) items of machinery for housing and building development. Interested parties are invited to submit tender by Friday, 27th May 2022 before 3:00pmAll units / items and quantities listed below are to be sold as one single Lot or individually. Bidders are reminded to make independent verification as to the accuracy of the details, identification marks, make, type, model, version, year of manufacture, and other particulars of the Lot so as to satisfy themselves completely as to the condition and status of the Lot.

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Polystyrene Block Production Plant

  • Steam Generator VMA500,
  • Gas Oil Burner PG81, 
  • Water Softener FAM 75, 
  • Water Conveyance Plant, 
  • Steam Conveyance Plant VP 1300 Steam Accumulator 5000 LT, 
  • Insulated Steam Accumulator 5000L, 
  • Discontinuous Pre-Expander EP06,
  • Automatic Density Control System,
  • Kit of 8 Silos, 
  • Polystyrene Conveyance Plant,
  • EPS Mixer, 
  • EPS Block Moulder Machine 3000 x 1200 x 700 Model BL/01 L 3000, 
  • Vacuum Plant and Cooling System, 
  • EPS Waste Grinder, Dust Collector, 
  • Block Hand Trolley and
  • Kit of Spare Parts for Polystyrene Plant
Steam Generator
Block Moulder
Dust Collector
Steam Generator
EPS Mixer
Block Moulder
Vacuum Plant
EPS Mixer
Vacuum Plant

Panel Production Plant

  • Pantograph PTP/01 Model PTP/01-L3000
  • Wire Mesh Machine Model SRM/02-T3
  • Heads Bugs Welder TR9
  • Wire Straightener NR1 with Cupng Bench Model NR2SP
  • Panel Machine PRM01-2CT6 Model PRM/01-2C/T6/R
  • Set of Wire Hea:ng System for Panel Ma- chine PRM01-2CT6
  • Cutting and Bending Mesh Machine PSC/01
  • Bench for Manual Welding
  • Kit of Spareparts for the Panel Plant
  • Switchboard for the Machines of Panels and Blocks
Head Butts
Panel Machine
Wire Mesh Machine
Wire Straightener
Cutting & Bending Machine
Wire Mesh Machine
Panel Machine

Additional Machinery

  • Compressed Air Distribu:on Network
  • Two Air Compressors Plant
  • Manual Cutter for Polystyrene Blocks
  • “Polaris” Factory Maintenance Kit
  • Mechanical Set to Work with Wire
  • Mechanical Set for HP Panel
  • Mechanical Set for Curved Panel
Two Air Compressors
Manual Cutter
Two Air Compressors
Factory Maintenance
Manual Cutter
Factory Maintenance

Please call us for a viewing appointment to view the asset before making an offer. Why wait, call us now! For more info contact us at 016-6999170 or WhatsApp us at 012-5553727.

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