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Since 1964, Pickles has brought people together with the shared vision to create trusted marketplaces, delivering value for everyone, where everybody wins. We are proud that we are a 900 employee family-owned company, a company built by people who are passionate about what they do.

We are the leaders in asset remarketing across industrial, cars, trucks, and salvage. We are also a trusted partner in the advisory sector.  Our auctioneers are internationally trained and our specialist teams set accurate valuations and advise vendors on how to enhance the value of each and every asset.

In most cases, Pickles does not take ownership of your asset – sale is by consignment only. That means the higher the sale price we get, the more we return to you.  Selling with Pickles Auctions ensures you always achieve the highest market value price.


  • 25 locations across Malaysia and Australia
  • Over 100,000 cars sold in 2018.
  • Over 130,000 salvage vehicles sold in 2018
  • Over RM1.5B of transport and construction equipment sold in 2018
  • 10.5% year on year growth for last 5 years
  • Integrated logistics, inventory, and auction management system
  • Fully backed by our dedicated support team

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Trusted marketplaces  where everybody wins

Long Term Partner

Track record of steady profitable growth, zero debt and strong operating cash flow. Over 35% of after tax profit is reinvested back into the business as improved facilities and investments in technology.

Award Winning

Pickles was awarded the Most Innovative Auction company in 2019 for its new industry approach to selling in Malaysia. Our simultaneous live/online auctions have become the new standard for delivery.


Over the past 50 years Pickles has developed and maintained a strong corporate governance system and has built a reputation within the industry based on excellent business ethics and a high level of trust.

Easy To Work With

Pickles staff are easy to work with. We listen and advise. Plan and act. Measure and monitor. Every team member has a repsonsibility to ensure our customer’s success. One Team. One Vision. We are here to help.

Ultra Responsive

Being a provider of services is not enough in today’s economy. Pickles understands time is money and we strive to be ultra responsive to our customer’s needs.

Marketing and Technology

Pickles consistently leads the way in delivering new and innovative remarketing technologies and services. Pickles has the experience and an unparalleled national infrastructure to deliver on our promises.


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