Seller Terms and Conditions — Lonpac Insurance Bhd


General Terms

  1. The tender is on “As Is Where Is” basis and is not inclusive of the vehicle registration number. You are to inspect the vehicle properly before placing any tender on the subject vehicle. The subject vehicle’s condition before and after tender period should be within your consideration.
  2. Lonpac Insurance Bhd. (“Lonpac”) is not liable for subsequent loss / damage if the successful bidder has failed to tow out the subject vehicle from the stipulated location. The storage charges or other fees to be borne by the successful bidder.
  3. The successful bidder is to ensure that the vehicle is repaired within 90 days in compliance with relevant authorities’ requirement.
  4. Lonpac will proceed to deregister the subject vehicle at JPJ under below circumstances, and no refund of monies or whatsoever will be made by Lonpac to you, if:
    • The subject vehicle is not repaired and certified roadworthiness by PUSPAKOM within 90 days from date of sales of B.E.R vehicle;
    • The subject vehicle has failed to transfer ownership at JPJ within 14 days after receipt of the original transfer ownership documents; and/or
    • The “double transfer of ownership” is carried out, the transaction must be transferred within 7 days as per JPJ requirements.
  5. The successful bidder is required to provide an undertaking letter from workshop that repaired the subject vehicle (click here for sample letter format).
  6. Lonpac reserves the right to perform inspection on the after-repaired vehicle prior to releasing the transfer ownership documents to the successful bidder.
  7. The successful bidder to provide copy of updated vehicle registration card to Lonpac within 7 days to confirm the transfer of ownership is completed.
  8. Lonpac is not liable for any cost and damage if the subject vehicle has failed to obtain PUSPAKOM roadworthiness certification, or failed to get transfer of ownership due to whatsoever reason.
  9. For vehicles sold as SCRAP or determined later to be SCRAP by PUSPAKOM or JPJ, Lonpac will not provide transfer of ownership documentation.
  10. With immediate effect, Pickles Asia Sdn Bhd is authorised to perform the JPJ ownership transfer for all sold vehicles.
  11. All JPJ ownership transfer for insurance salvage items is COMPULSORY to be executed by Pickles Asia Sdn Bhd.
  12. The JPJ ownership transfer fee to the auction winners name is RM380 per item. This amount is to be paid to Pickles Asia before any transfer can be initiated.
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