Deposits and Fees


  • A deposit is required before you can make a bid.  The deposit secures the item you have won and will be applied toward the final amount due if you win the auction.  Deposits are 100% refundable if no outstanding balances are due at the end of an auction.
  • The amount you need to deposit depends on the vehicle type you will be bidding on.  Make sure that you are aware of the amount of money you will need before the auction begins.
  • Deposits must be paid in advance either on site at the auction house by cash or credit card, made directly via our marketplace app using a credit card.  Deposits can also be made 24 hours in advance via EFT.  Please contact us at least 24 hours before the auction begins to make arrangements for EFT transfers.
  • Where the item is a described as a Scrap/Wreck/Theft Recovery, the deposit required is predetermined before the auction begins and will listed in the auction catalogue and in the marketplace app on the day of the auction.
  • Where the item is a described as a Repo/Fleet/Lease/Corporate or Used Car, the deposit required to bid is RM1,600 (before GST) for each item.

Buyer’s Premium

Fees are charged to the buyer at the completion of sale.

    • For Wreck/Scrap/Theft Recovery vehicles the fee is RM200 or 11% of the final bid price, whichever is higher.
    • For Repo/Fleet/Lease/Corporate or Used Car vehicles, the fee is RM450 + 1.5% of the final bid price.

In all cases the winning bidder must pay all future costs associated with transfers, registrations, inspections, taxes, government and any other fees which may be required at the conclusion of the auction or in the future.

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