Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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    To be eligible to bid you place a deposit either online using our app or in person at the auction center.  The deposit is fully refundable if you don’t win a car. Deposits range from RM1,450 to RM5,450 depending on the value of the vehicle.
    • RM1,450 deposit is for cars expected to sell below RM100k in market value
    • RM5,450 deposit is for cars expected to sell above RM100k.

    On the morning of auction day from 9:30am – 11:00am you can register and place the deposit by cash or credit card.

    If you win a car, Pickles commission is RM450 + 1.5% of the final bid price. There will be no other charges by Pickles.  You will need to pay for the ownership change charges to JPJ and Puspakom.  If you need a runner, we can help you for a one time all-inclusive service fee.

    After winning, you can pay by cash or get a bank loan… you have 1 week to pay by cash or 2 weeks to arrange for loan.

    If you want to check out the cars or learn more on how to bid just drop by our outlet Mon – Fri 9:30am – 5:00pm

    We are located in Jalan Klang Lama. Getting to our auction house is easy, you can use Waze by searching for “Pickles Asia Auctions” or clicking this link

    Our address is:

    Lot 19391, Batu 8 1/2, Jalan Klang Lama, Taman Desaria, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    Pickles sends out details of its upcoming auctions via WhatsApp, e-mail and publishes the upcoming cars in the Pickles Mobile App for Android and iOS and on the website.

    The best way to receive updates is to WhatsApp or SMS “more info” to +6012-693 7425 and save our number into your contact list. It is important to save our contact number because WhatsApp will block certain files like our car list and pictures if we are not in your contacts.

    If you would like to receive information on our Salvage auctions, send “more info” to +6012-555 3727.

    Our Used Car auctions occur about once every two weeks.  Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list because we frequently hold special auctions where you can find extraordinary deals.
    At PicklesAuctions we do not disclose the reserve price. This is to allow you, the bidder, to make the best offer on the day of the auction without the seller’s advertised reserve price preventing you from making a reasonable offer. If your highest bid does not meet the seller’s reserve price, the final bid is called an “offer” and we will negotiate on your behalf to find a middle ground to help you win the bid.

    Other auction houses in Malaysia only receive offers on 50-60% of their cars.  That means 40% of people’s time is wasted.  At PicklesAuctions, we receive an offer on every car and we frequently sell cars below reserve if a fair and genuine offer is made.

    The starting price is almost always determined by the you, the bidders! The auctioneer may also begin the bidding based on the market value of the car or he will ask the floor for bidder’s feedback on the starting bid price. At PicklesAuctions we do not start the auction at the reserve price for most of our cars. For bank repossessed vehicles we will start the auction at the banks reserve price in compliance with the Hire Purchase Act and at the instruction of the bank.
    We sell a combination of both new and pre-owned cars at our auction. Our cars are sourced from new car dealerships as demonstration and test drive units, corporate fleet cars, ex-car rentals, cars being sold at the end of their bank lease, dealer trade-in cars and bank repossessed vehicles.
    Registering to buy a car at our auction is easy. You can register in person at our auction headquarters or online and registration is FREE.

    We recommend completing this process at least 30 minutes before an auction starts.

    To register for an auction in person, just come to our auction headquarters and bring a valid IC or Passport. To do it online, download our PicklesAuctions app and follow the registration steps.  Registering online requires verification of your identify, so plan at least 24 hours in advance.

    To be eligible to bid, you will need to pay a deposit that is 100% fully refundable if you don’t win a car. The deposit amount varies from car to car based on a number of factors.

    Typically used cars follow the following auction deposit schedule:

    • RM1,450 deposit is for cars with an expected final bid below RM100,000
    • RM5,450 deposit is for cars with an expected final bid RM100,000 or above.

    Refunds will be made back to you in the form in which they were received wherever possible. Partial refunds or refunds for deposits made via the app will be by bank deposit. To request a refund, please email with your username and your bank account details.

    An auctioneer will announce when each vehicle comes up for sale. Vehicles for sale are sold in order listed on the auction car list. The auctioneer will accept bids from the bidders both online and in person at the auction house until the highest bid is accepted. The auctioneer will call for final bids and if the highest bid is above the seller’s reserve, the auctioneer will sell the car at the fall of the hammer.  If the bid is below the seller’s reserve price, the car is on “offer”.  PicklesAuctions will negotiate all offers with the seller on your behalf to find a price that works for both parties in order to help you buy the car below reserve.

    Check out our video to learn more on how to bid and win!

    At Pickles Auctions we set a high standard on all the cars auctioned through our platform. To give our customers an insight into the condition of the cars, we have enlisted a certified 3rd party, independent car inspections specialist to provide an in-depth assessment and rating of the vehicles so that our customers can make an informed buying decision.
    TBC means “To be confirmed”. Cars with TBC are still undergoing inspections. Once the inspection report is out we will update the list. This is done so that you know more detail about the car. All inspections are performed by an independent 3rd party. You are also welcome to personally inspect each vehicle. You can even bring your own mechanic!
    The auctioneer will determine the incremental jump depending on the market value of the car and the bidding activity. The initial increment could be RM5,000 per bid and then lowered to RM500 and even RM100 before the auctioneer declares the final outcome.
    Cars are auctioned off one by one. Each car can take between 1 to 3 mins.
    Yes, proxy bidding is allowed but the account and deposit MUST be in your name or your company name. Any unauthorized use of your account and your deposit is your sole and exclusive responsibility. Once the proxy bidder wins the car, the car title will be transferred to your name or company. If a company is registered, then any employee of the company can bid on behalf of the company.
    Yes, you can bid for any car that has the same deposit requirement. Your deposit is not tied to a specific car so if you don’t win on one car, you are always free to bid on another car so long as the same deposit requirement is met.
    • Cash refund: Immediate. Before leaving our outlet, just drop by our registration counter to have your cash refunded.
    • Credit Card refund in person: Immediate. After concluding the auction, just visit our cashiers and they will void the deposit transaction. You will not incur any credit card charges.
    • Credit Card refund remote: Within 5 days on request to After concluding the auction, email our team and we will refund all unused portions of your deposit. You will not incur any credit card charges.
    • PicklesAuctions app – Credit Card: Within 2 weeks on request to You will not incur any credit card charges.
    • PicklesAuctions app – Maybank2u: Within 1 week on request to You will need to provide your bank details to PicklesAuctions via WhatsApp.

    Please note ALL refunds are made ONLY to the name on the account.  We cannot accept cross system refund requests (eg:  paid in credit card but wish to refund to bank account or by cash).

    Yes. Unless otherwise requested, your deposit will remain with PicklesAuctions for future auctions.
    Yes, we have viewing days open to the public from 9:30am to 5:00pm on the advertised inspection dates before the auction day. We are closed on public holidays.

    During the viewing days you may have an up close look at the cars and request one of our staff to assist in starting engine, testing the air-conditioning, and even honking the horn. We want to make sure you are confident in the car you are buying. You are welcome to bring along a friend or your own mechanic for an expert opinion!

    No. We do not provide test drive options.
    Yes, many banks will provide loans for purchasing our vehicles at auction. We recommend our panel banker i.e. Affin Bank & Public Bank as they are familiar with our processes and will offer you a special PicklesAuctions hire purchase car loan rate. 
    Wreck repaired means the car was previously in an accident and now has been repaired. Wrecked repaired vehicles are NOT guaranteed to pass PUSPAKOM inspection for road worthiness.
    If you are paying by cash, you have 7 calendar days to settle the entire cost of the car.  If you are applying for a bank loan (only for Used Car Auction), you have 14 calendar days to secure a hire purchase loan.
    Reserve prices are not published to the public. However, if a car does not reach the seller’s reserve price, PicklesAuctions will negotiate on your behalf and try to convince the seller to accept your highest bid. If your highest bid is close to the reserve price, the sellers will usually accept the offer.
    The Buyer’s Premium is a fee paid to the auction house for purchasing the vehicle. 

    After winning a used car you will pay to PicklesAuctions:

    • RM450 +1.5% of the bid amount.

    Bid amount: RM80,000
    Buyer premium calculation: RM450 + 80,000 x 1.5% = RM1,650

    • Puspakom Mobile Inspection: RM250 (B5 & B7). Dealers with aUsed Car Trading license are not required to take the Puspakom Mobile Inspection.

    After winning a salvage item:

    • 11% of the final bid priceBuyer premium is RM200 or 11% of the bid amount, whichever is higher. 

    Bid amount: RM10,000
    Buyer premium calculation: RM10,000 x 11% = RM1,100 (which is higher than RM200)

    No. PicklesAuctions does not charge any admin or processing fees. 
    We do not charge late fees but we do charge a storage fee of RM50.00 per day, per car beyond the payment due date.
    Some cars may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty depending on the mileage and year registered.  PicklesAuctions does not offer any warranty or any guarantee on any car.  All vehicles are sold AS IS. If you would like a warranty, we recommend contacting
    PicklesAuctions is only an auction platform. We do not provide any warranties on the vehicles auctioned. 
    Yes, PicklesAuctions has an App that supports both iOS and Android. You do not need to be physically present at our auctions to bid on and win a car. Just search for “Pickles Auctions” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the App then go to “Buyer Registration” and fill in your personal information. Snap a picture of your IC, review and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and tap submit. It takes about 24 hours to verify your online account creation.
    Yes. Within the App you can register by entering your company’s details such as name, ROC number, address, and take a picture of your company’s SSM cert.
    Yes, you may. Please ask our friendly staff when you register for the auction.
    Yes, you can pay the deposit through the app via credit card or Maybank2u.

    There is a limit of RM5,000 per transaction for the credit card. If you want to pay more than RM5,000, you will need to initiate multiple transactions.  There is no fee per transaction and there is no limit for Maybank2u.

    Credit cards: within 2 weeks after your request a refund.

    Maybank2u: within 1 week after you request a refund.

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      A car with a salvage title has been declared by an insurance company a total loss due to damage such as an accident, hail, water or fire, as well as theft. Usually the vehicle that has been damaged to the point that repairs would cost more than the value of the car. The salvage title lets potential buyers know that there has been an accident and that the car may not be safe to drive.
      It depends on your needs and the situation. Many cars with salvage titles are purchased for their parts. Other vehicles have body damage that can be repaired for less than buying a comparable car or may even be theft recoveries with little to no damage. Also keep in mind that older cars are often deemed totaled after a minor fender bender. Other salvage vehicles have much worse damage that may be difficult or impossible to repair – and isn’t always apparent just be looking at a vehicle.
      If you win a car, Pickles commission is RM200 or 11% of the bid amount, whichever is higher. There will be no other charges by Pickles.

      After winning, all balance payment must be made within 7 calendar days and only cash payment accepted for salvage vehicles. You are required to tow your vehicle out of Pickles Auctions Warehouse within 7 calendar days.

      No. All Pickles salvage vehicles are sold “as is” with no warranty.
      For your safety, vehicles must be removed from Pickles site with a trailer, tow truck, tipper or tilt tray. You cannot drive a salvage vehicle on/off Pickles property – even if the vehicle is capable of running.
      Not all salvage cars have keys. 
      You may use a towing service.
      Pickles Staff are able to assist with the use of a Forklift, but further assistance is subject to staff availability and therefore not guaranteed. 
      Salvage Vehicles are moved by the use of forklifts and, even though we take great care, minor damage can occur. This can include undercarriage damage (e.g. fuel tank, exhaust, drivetrain, axels and wheel-alignment) and on very rare occasion, panel damage. If you feel damage from a forklift goes beyond this, please raise the issue with the Floor Supervisor or Auctioneer.
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