Covid-19 Auction and Operations FAQ

Online only auctions until March 31st.

Pickles’ top priority is the safety and well-being of the people around us across Malaysia.


Following the announcement by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on COVID-19 Movement Restriction Order until 12th May 2020, Pickles Auctions will be conducting ONLINE AUCTION ONLY during this period.

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Attending an ONLINE auction:
If you’re not an online bidder yet, please go to to download Pickles Auctions app and register to bid. Complete all mandatory fields in the registration form, attach NRIC for verification purposes and submit. You will receive an email notification within the same day confirming your account has been approved. To bid online go to Pickles Auctions app, click on LOGIN with your login credentials and click the green ATTEND button.

Paying method:
During this time we will only accept payment via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) or MolPay in the Pickles App. For EFT or CDM, please transfer to CIMB under PICKLES ASIA SDN BHD account number 8008831675 and forward us the remittance slip with your full name and contact details. As usual, deposits are 100% refundable and with be processed as per our terms and conditions.

Warehouse & Logistics:
We are open. Our warehouse & logistic teams will be operating from Monday to Friday at 9.00am – 6.00pm for both incoming and collection of vehicles. All winners can now tow out their vehicles but do ensure payment has been settled and pass has been issued to avoid inconvenience. Kindly request for gate pass before arrival. Kindly contact our warehouse & logistic personnel at +6012-522 8835 or +6010-4235 262. During the MCO, Pickles Auctions is extending “no late storage fee” to all successful bidders from until 12th May 2020.

Sales Operations:
All insurance companies will not be providing documents (car registration card, car keys, ownership transfer and double transfer documents) to Pickles Auctions and bidders during the Movement Control Order (MCO). The 90 days repair & transfer ownership process will start from the day Movement Control Order (MCO) is lifted. Extension maybe granted upon request.

View our full list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

由于马来西亚首相宣布从2020年3月18日至5月12日实施行动管制令, Pickles Auctions 将在这段时间只举办线上拍卖会。

若您不是线上竞标者,请通过 以下载 Pickles Auctions 应用软件和注册为竞标者。填写所有的必填项,附上身份证以进行验证并提交。您将会在同一天收到一封电子邮件通知,确认您的账户已获批准。若要线上竞标,请到Pickles Auctions 应用软件登录您的户口,然后点击青色的“出席”按钮。

在此期间,我们只接受电子资金转账(EFT),现金存款或Pickles应用软件中的MolPay付款方式来进行充值。对于电子资金转账(EFT)或现金存款,请转账至 PICKLES ASIA SDN BHD CIMB银行账号8008831675,并将您的汇款收据以及联系方式转发给我们。与往常一样,抵押金会按照本公司所制定的条款100% 退还。

仓库 & 物流:
我们有营业。仓库与物流部门将会从星期一至星期五早上9时至下午6时照常营业以提供领取与寄放车辆。所有得标者确保该车辆已付款和已发出通行证后,方可到仓库领取车辆。须在到达仓库前提供吊车资料。请致电 +6012-5228835  或  +6010-4235262 联系本公司的仓库与物流部门。在行动管制令期间,Pickles Auctions 不会向得标者收取仓储费至2020年5月12日。

在行动管制令(MCO)期间,所有保险公司将不会提供Pickles Auctions和竞标者任何文件(车辆登记卡, 钥匙和所有权转让的文件。90天内须维修和转让车辆所有权的条款将被延迟至行动管制令(MCO)之后开始算起。若要延长90天的时间,须向保险公司做出申请。

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