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Job Description:   Junior Developer –

Business Unit: Malaysia
Department: Technology
Location: Bangsar South
Position the role reports to: Senior Developer
Roles reporting to this role: Technology
Key Stakeholders:

  • Internal: Sales, Finance, Warehouse Management, Auctions Team
  • External: Dealer Buyers, Private Buyers, Workshop Buyers, Scrap Buyers

Start Date: Immediate
Salary:  RM3k/month
Bonus:  2 months, awarded on meeting KPIs and overall company objectives
Benefits:  RM50/month phone allowance, Standard holidays, 20 days paid leave, health insurance

About Pickles Asia

We’re in the auction business.  We live and die by the hammer.  In Australia we employ over 900 people and sell over 230,000 vehicles a year across 23 facilities and we are expanding to Malaysia.   Our goal is to be the largest and most trusted vendor of used and salvage vehicles in Malaysia.  It is a competitive industry and we like to win.

We’re looking for talented and driven developers to join our team to help us create the largest and most comprehensive auctioning platform Southeast Asia has ever seen.  You’ll work with local team as well as top architects and developers from Australia.

Job Purpose

A career in the software engineering team at Pickles is a nexus of systems, information technology, science, and industry disruption.  To do this job you need a passion for data and an out-of-the-box way of thinking about solving sticky problems with simplicity and elegance.  We are not your normal team of professionals, we’re a scrappy, entrepreneurial, unconventional thinking team that is changing an entrenched industry with like-minded customers who are desperate to work with us to find a better way.

Our sellers are innovative thinkers but they are often found trapped in a banking and finance world filled with procedures and policies.  They need our help to reach new buyers.  Our buyers are savvy and ruthless deal hunters.  Between the two groups is Pickles Asia and the first-of-it’s-kind groundbreaking tools, technologies, products, and marketing capability that brings everyone together into an open and competitive marketplace.

To be successful in this job you’ll need to think fast and think creatively.  You can expect to work with a diverse set of people and technology.

You will have a desire to use existing skills and expand your talent and grow with us.  This includes solution design expertise, automation, integration, deployment automation, testing automation, Android, iOS, and dev/ops support for web and mobile interfaces.

We want results that put smiles on people’s faces and financial results in people’s bank accounts. We’re looking for delivery that becomes legend in the technology community.

We think job descriptions can only go so far.  But to give you a flavour, here are some of the areas you’ll be responsible for:

  • Start-up thinking – making it happen and finding solutions when uncertainty arises.
  • Learning and working with others – we are a collaborative team, we like to think in terms of options and outcomes and making a decision then moving forward quickly.
  • Execution – our model is well established in other countries, you’ll be responsible for strategically tailoring the model for Malaysia and also directly involved in execution.  You will be directly accountable for our success.

Key Accountabilities

  • Gain intimate knowledge of how the systems work from top to bottom, inside and out.
  • Build systems and processes, implement tools for dev-ops that start from JIRA and end in a successfully validated production code push.
  • Work with the variety of team leads as an integral and active voice in the business to define the product and technology strategy
  • Design and prototype new features
  • Build, test, deploy, and enjoy…
  • Working with Finance, Marketing, Auctioneering, Logistics, and Warehouse Operations to build and extend our competitive advantage in market. (You’ll also work and collaborate with the wider Pickles Ventures team and external providers including architects, testers, software providers, security services etc. in Australia)
  • Develop estimates and plans using Scrum Agile and ensure the team meets these targets, managing expectations along the way.
  • Ensure current and future application features have end-to-end test automation – we hate manual testing and avoid it wherever possible.
  • Provide hands-on troubleshooting issues in our development, test and production environments
  • Watch and participate in our auctions as we watch the hammer fall and the cash flow through the business.
  • Be an active contributing member of the success of the Pickles Auctions business.
  • Consistently hitting development milestones on time and with a high degree of team collaboration and team satisfaction.
  • Increasing number of cars put to auction – because our solftware makes it easier then ever to do business with Pickles
  • Pickles Asia earns a reputation in market as “the first place to go” to find the best car deals in Malaysia.

To apply:  email info@pickles.my with your CV and a short cover letter that quickly and uniquely describes why you are the right person for our team.


  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma in Technology or equivalent.
  • You must include the words “HIRE ME” in your application.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills (English)
  • You must have a passion for coding, experimenting, and testing new technologies not just as a career, but also have a demonstrated portfolio of things you’ve created in your own time as a hobby.

To apply: Apply online with your CV and a short cover letter that quickly and uniquely describes why you are the right person for our team.

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