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Auction Date: Jul 7th 2022
Lot Number: MB0046
Year: 2017
Model: IONIQ
Condition: Wreck
Price: At Auction
Exterior Color: WHITE
Engine Number: G4LEGU28****
Chassis Number: KMHC851CVHU01****
Keys: 2
Incident Type: IMPACT
Burnt: No
Deposit: 5000
Location: Pickles Petaling Jaya
Auction Remark: Vehicle registration number excluded
Inspection Remark: 1.ECU-YESrn2.ROADTAX-0

Pickles Auctions offers convenient towing service too and from the auction house to make it even easier to buy and sell with us. Contact us for more information about rates and locations.

For all Wreck vehicles, the registration card will be provided once the repair is completed and the vehicle is ready for ownership transfer.  Registration card will not be available for SCRAP vehicles.  All summonses will be cleared by the previous owner before transfer.  All items sold As Is. Please check our Terms and Conditions or our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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