Seller Terms and Conditions — Affin Bank Repossessed Vehicles

By bidding on any repossessed item by Affin Bank, you agree with the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. The successful auction price must be fully settled within TEN (10) days from the auction date. Any request for extension on the settlement shall attract penalty charges of RM500.00.
  2. Payment must be made at Affin Bank Hire Purchase Hubs. Full settlement must be made by cheque(s) or by bank draft(s). The validity of this contract shall be subject to the clearance of cheque(s) or the bank draft(s) within the TEN (10) days as stated in the condition of sale.
  3. No. Sale of Defective / Cut & Joint vehicle(s) via Public Auction shall be WITHOUT documents.
  4. Please refer to the Appendix 1 in the Memorandum Of Contract (MOC) attached for the refund terms & condition.
  5. Yes. All bidders must sign / acknowledge the Memorandum of Contract & the Letter of Acknowledge Receipt of Vehicle/Equipment Sale by Auction / Tender as per stated in Appendix 1 & Appendix 2. Successful bidder in person or online must ensure both documents are signed or your deposit will be forfeited and the vehicle will be reauction.

Affin Bank T&C Appendix 1

Affin Bank T&C Appendix 2

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