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How to buy a car at auction

Buying a car at auction is a great way to get below-market-deals. If you are new to the process, the following overview will help you get started.

Pickles Auctions Salvage Auction

Pickles Auctions "How to buy a car at auction"

Browse available cars online
Pickles Auctions has regular monthly used car and salvage vehicle auctions where you can find amazing deals on new car ex-demo models, end of lease vehicles, buy used cars, repossessed vehicles, and ex-rental cars in Malaysia.  Sign up for our regular car list postings using our Contact Us page.

Pickles Auctions "How to buy a car at auction"

Register to bid
You must register as a buyer for each sale you’d like to participate in. Registering takes just a few minutes. As part of the process we collect the necessary information to verify you as a genuine buyer. You may register in person or register online directly from the mobile app. Learn how to bid at our online auction.

Pickles Auctions "How to buy a car at auction"

See the cars for sale in person at the Pickles Auctions warehouse during viewing hours
It’s a good idea to view cars in person cars during designated inspection times. This information is published on the auction details page for each event.

Pickles Auctions "How to buy a car at auction"

Attend the auction
You may participate in the auction onsite or bid online using our mobile app. Download the app by searching ‘Pickles’ on either App Store or Google Play. Get step-by-step instructions on using the mobile app.

Pickles Auctions "How to buy a car at auction"

Complete your purchase
If you have a winning bid, you will be expected to provide complete payment prior to collecting your car. Pickles offers pre-approved finance options, and also accepts cash, check, money transfer or credit card.

Read our FAQs for more information.

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